Staff of the Parliament of the Cayman Islands are employed by the Parliament Management Commission. The Clerk of Parliament is responsible for the overall management and budget of Parliament. As of 2020, the Clerk is also the Chief Officer of the Parliament Management Commission as established in the Parliament (Management) Act.  

House Staff

Mrs. Zena Merren-Chin
Deputy Clerk
Assistant Clerks
Mrs. Patricia Priestley
Ms. Nordra Walcott
Procedural Clerk
Ms. Susan Burke (Acting)
Parliamentary Officer
Mrs. Lourdes Pacheco
Mr. J. Kim Evans
Administrative Clerk
Ms. Marlyn Moxam
Parliamentary Page
Mr. Christopher Clarke
Messenger & Housekeeping
Mrs. Anita Salmon-Beezer
Parliamentary Security Officers
Ms. Kimberley Rivers
Mr. Eric Ebanks

Operations Staff

Chief Officer
Mrs. Zena Merren-Chin
Deputy Chief Officer
Ms. Melissa Ebanks
Human Resources Manager
Ms. Raquel Woolaver
Finance Manager
Mr. Charles Bodden
Human Resources Officer
Ms. Imilsy Coello-Carbo
Finance Officer
Ms. Kimberley Powell
I.T. Administrator
Mr. John Bodden
Communications Officer
Ms. Susan Burke
Hansard Editors
Ms. Cynthia West
Mrs. Nikita Small
Ms. Starri Smith

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