Public Accounts Committee Hansards

Hansard: Public Accounts Committee

The Standing Public Accounts Committee (PAC) will frequently hold televised public hearings in the Chamber to obtain information from Chief Officers and Government officials to assist the Committee in its duties of ensuring value for public spending. These public hearings can be viewed on the Government’s YouTube or by visiting the Parliament.

Our Hansard team consists of three Editors and a Manager, who are dedicated to transcribing, proofing, and reviewing Hansards in the days and weeks following a PAC Hearing. 

Hansard transcripts of the PAC’s Hearings can be accessed as PDFs by choosing from the relevant Parliament Session filters below. Note that Hansards are not recorded for PAC Administrative Meetings which are closed-door meetings.

For assistance, contact the Hansard Unit at [email protected] 

PAC Official Report 27 July 2023

PAC Official Report 25 May 2022

PAC Official Report 13 January 2022

PAC Official Report 12 January 2022

PAC Official Report 29 Jan 2021

PAC Official Report 28 Jan 2021

PAC Official Report 27 Jan 2021

PAC Official Report 22 September 2021

PAC Official Report 20 July 2021