Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the answers to common questions regarding the Parliament, which may be useful to members of the media, educators, and the general public in understanding better the role of Parliament and its procedures.
There are 19 elected MPs representing each of Cayman’s 19 constituencies, and two ex-officio Members (the Hon. Deputy Governor and the Hon. Attorney General), for a total of 21 Members.

To view the 2021-2025 Elected Members of Parliament, please go to the Speakers & Members page

The Parliament staff can answer enquiries on the business and membership of the Parliament, its House and Committees, and can provide information on the purchase of legislation, but cannot answer questions on the interpretation of legislation or on government and political party policy, past or present. Such enquiries should be directed to the relevant Government Department or political party.

We would be delighted to schedule a date and time for your school group to have a guided tour of the Parliament. Plan Your Visit.

Yes, the public are encouraged to stay connected to the issues of the day by watching proceedings of the House (or Public Accounts Committee public hearings), either by watching on YouTube or by sitting in the public gallery of the Chamber. A dress code applies for sitting in the public gallery, including covered shoulders and no sandals. The public gallery does not allow the use of cameras, phones, recording equipment, food or drink.

No, photos and other recordings of the House are not allowed. If you are a member of the press who has already registered with us as a journalist, and you would like to take a photo of the House proceedings, the request must be directed to the Honourable Speaker of the House in writing

The Official Hansard Report of the Cayman Islands is an impartial, accurate and permanent record of parliamentary proceedings. Read more about Hansard

Each year, the Parliament invites schools across the Cayman Islands participate in the annual Youth Parliament. Students commit to attending meetings and rehearsals teach Tuesday afternoon throughout the school year, and on Saturdays closer to the formal debate in March. To inquire further, contact Ms. Nordra Walcott, Assistant Clerk, or call 345-244-5604.

In accordance with Parliament Standing Order 8, “a session will usually consist of four meetings,” though at this time those meetings are not held at regular intervals and as such the Parliament cannot state definitively when the Members will meet.