CPA Post-Election Seminar

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The UK’s Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) hosts a three-day seminar for newly elected Members of Parliament (MPs) following elections. The CPA started this initiative in 2013 to assist MPs, notably first-term MPs, to gain insights into the opportunities and challenges of being elected representatives.

Led by CPA Secretary General, Mr. Stephen Twigg, the seminar empowers MPs to understand the behaviours, ethics, and standards now required of them as well as the ins and outs of parliamentary procedure, the need for and function of the Public Accounts Committee , and the advantages of communicating effectively to colleagues, staff, and constituents.

Members also gain training and support in dealing with debates, and with formulating parliamentary questions, motions, and amendments.

The most recent seminar was held in August 2021 and was attended by guests from 11 Commonwealth Parliaments as well as the CPA Secretary General.