Mr. Joseph Hew, MP


Mr. Joseph Hew, MP


Deputy Leader of the Opposition

Electoral District:

Elected Member for George Town North


As the Managing Director and Chief Operations Officer of his family’s group of companies, that include Hew’s Hotel & Restaurant Supplies, Restaurant Depot, Bon Vivant, Macdonald’s, the Office Bar, and Hew’s Janitorial, Mr. Joseph “Joey” Hew brings a wealth of successful business experience to public life.

Mr. Hew is a past President of the Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce, and headed the Cayman Islands Restaurant Association for five years until it’s amalgamation into the Cayman Islands Tourism Association, where he continued to serve as a Director. In addition he has been Deputy Chairman of the Trade and Business Licensing Board, as well as the Port Authority of the Cayman Islands.

In 2013 he sought office as a George Town candidate under the banner of the Progressives and in winning his seat was named Councillor (now Parliamentary Secretary) to the Ministry of Constituency Administration, Tourism and Transport.

In 2017 he re-elected and served as the Minister for Commerce, Planning and Infrastructure.

Mr. Hew was re-elected in the 2021 election and is currently serving as the deputy Leader of the Opposition. He is a Member of the Youth Parliament Committee, Ombudsman Committee (Select Committee) and is a member of the Council of the Parliamentary Management Commission. He serves as an active member of the Standing Public Accounts Committee.

He and his wife Cynthia are the parents of two sons.