Hon. Heather D. Bodden, OCI, Cert. Hon., JP, MP


Hon. Heather D. Bodden, OCI, Cert Hon, JP, MP 


Deputy Speaker, Parliamentary Secretary to Tourism and Social Development

Electoral District:

Elected Member for Savannah  


Hon. Heather Bodden’s life is characterised by service and dedication to community and country. Born and raised in the Savannah/Newlands area, Heather has committed her life to helping others and working for the betterment of all residents in her district.

An activist and organiser, Heather has been called the ‘face, heart and soul’ of the Savannah and Newlands communities. She has served as a Bodden Town Member of the Legislative Assembly (now Parliament) from 1995 until 2000. During her tenure in Government, she brought motions for establishing handicap parking and creating a safe house for battered and abused women and children Island wide, which is known today as the Crisis Centre. She also worked to strengthen the litter laws and contributed to many other important initiatives.

During the 2021 election, Hon. Bodden was elected to represent the constituency of Savannah as Member of Parliament and currently serves as Parliamentary Secretary to Minister Kenneth Bryan (Tourism) and Minister André Ebanks (Social Development). Hon. Bodden also serves as a Member of the Public Accounts Committee 2021-2025. On 26th September 2023, Hon. Bodden was unanimously elected by her peers to serve as the Deputy Speaker. 

Although she is not motivated by applause or accolades, the government and the people of the Cayman Islands have recognised her over the years for her selfless acts of love, kindness and service, and rewarded her tireless efforts. In 2006 she was awarded the Certificate of Honour by H.M. Queen Elizabeth II. Most recently, she was awarded the Order of the Cayman Islands insignia at the 2021 National Heroes Day celebration for her devotion to sustained and selfless voluntary service within the community.