Hon. Christopher Saunders, MP


Hon. Christopher Saunders, MP


Independent Opposition Member

Electoral District:

Elected Member for Bodden Town West

Mr. Christopher S. Saunders is a Certified Public Accountant whose career spans some 20 years in the public and private sectors. He has held senior positions within the banking, telecommunications and financial services industries. His professional career was nurtured in the Civil Service with Christopher sharpening his accounting skills and knowledge of government operations in the Departments of Lands & Survey, Internal Audit, Treasury and the Auditor General’s Office. Mr. Saunders has lived in the US (New York) and travelled extensively around the Caribbean, Europe and Canada, which has enabled him to observe and see policies and practices that work and equally so, what did not.

Christopher is a former Director of the Health Services Authority and a former member of the Immigration Business Staffing Plan Board.

Mr. Saunders is serving his second term representing the people of Bodden Town West, which is not just a constituency – it is his Home. He was first elected to the Legislative Assembly (now Parliament) in 2017, and served as a Member of the Opposition. In 2021, Mr. Saunders was re-elected and served as the Deputy Premier, Minister for Finance & Economic Development and Border Control and Labour from 2021 to March 2023. Mr. Saunders is currently serving as a Member of the Opposition.